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Dec 4, 2019


Social mobility is a critical issue in a lot of countries. What should employers be doing to increase social mobility and how effective can their efforts be in terms of tangible results?

My guest this week is Lisa Scales, Head of Resourcing, Executive and New Talent at Severn Trent, a large UK based utilities company. Severn Trent has recently moved up to 3rd place in The Social Mobility Employer Index as a result of their innovative work in this area and is seeing huge benefits as an organisation from their initiatives.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The definition of social mobility and what it means to Severn Trent as an organisation

• Recruiting on equal terms to show opportunities to a massive pool of untapped talent

• Schools engagement

• Work experience focused on employability.

• Thinking different about the recruitment process

• The Social Mobility Pledge

Lisa also talks about the results Severn Trent as seeing from their initiatives and the considerable benefits to the business.

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