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Jul 29, 2015

In this interview Matt Alder talks to Matthew Jeffery VP Head of Global Sourcing & Employment Branding at SAP

As I do more and more podcast interviews it is becoming very clear that recruitment innovation is a complex subject. Every employer is in a different position and what is innovative for one company can just be normal recruitment practice at another.

Matthew Jeffery has always been someone at the cutting edge of innovation in our sector and in this episode we talk about some of the work he has done at SAP as well as his wider views on what is happening in the industry.

Topics discussed include:

•    How SAP have “democratized” graduate recruitment by using technology to reach a broader audience
•    How to give a good candidate experience at scale to 50,000 applicants
•    What algorithms can do that recruiters can’t but why they won’t be replacing humans any time soon

Matthew also gives us his views on why he feels recruitment isn’t being properly discussed at government level. 

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