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Aug 23, 2019

After about 15 years worth of articles and conference presentations about Millennials I'm sure I'm not alone in finding generational stereotyping a bit annoying. However, research-based insights into changing attitudes to technology, work and careers are incredibly useful.

My guest this week is Pranam Lipinski, Co-Founder and CEO of Door Of Clubs. Pranam has spent the last few years conducting research to uncover insights into the mindset of the newest generation in the workforce, Generation Z.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The validity of generational stereotypes

• Smartphones in 4th grade and growing up in the era of fake news

• Attitudes to work and careers

• Inclusion, Stability and Loyalty

• Providing unique employer experiences

• Becoming an input focused as an employer

• How to market to a generation that avoids commercial attempts on their attention.

Pranam also talks about the importance of personalization and shares details of how to get his one-page Generation Z research summary.

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