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Jul 9, 2019


The current gender balance in the tech workforce is a well-documented issue and something that sadly is still a massive problem for employers. Back in 2015, I interviewed Sinead Bunting about the then newly created Tech Talent Charter, an initiative designed to bring together industries and organisations to drive diversity and address gender imbalance in technology roles. Four years on, it was great to catch up with Sinead again to see how things have progressed and what companies are proactively doing to solve this problem.

In the interview we discuss:

• The core principles of the Tech Talent Charter

• The power of sharing data

• What recruiting best practices employers should be following to improve gender balance

• The importance of language

• Retention and belonging

• Flexible working and shared parental leave

• Unconscious bias

• Ambassadors, Allies and Advocates

Sinead also talks about the future of the Tech Talent Charter and shares details on how employers can get involved.

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