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Jul 4, 2019


We've covered the topic of referral hiring a few times on the podcast before; however, it is definitely something to keep revisiting as many employers still aren't using referral hiring to its full potential.

My guest this week is Dakota Younger, Founder and CEO of referral based hiring solution Boon. In our conversation, we do a deep dive into what makes referral hiring work, its advantages, disadvantages and enormous future potential.

In the interview, we discuss:

• The techniques Dakota used to achieve 84% of hires via referrals in his recruitment business.

• The advantages of referral hiring

• The reasons why many employers are still missing out in this area.

• The vital importance of process and communication

• The role of rewards and bounties

• The balance between humans and technology in today's referral hiring process

• The negative aspects of referral hiring and how to mitigate them

Dakota also talks about the role of relationships and employer brand as well as sharing his vision for the future of referral hiring.

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