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Jun 24, 2019

As the debates about recruiting automation rumble on, it is easy sometimes to lose sight of the fact that automation isn't actually all about technology.

My guest this week is Brandon Batt, Director Of People Operations at Four Foods Group. Four Food Groups put recruiting automation in place a few years ago using some simple tech tools that anyone can access. Since then they've learnt a lot about the balance between humans and technology, making this a fascinating case study that everyone can learn from

In the interview we discuss:

• The challenges of recruiting in a candidate driven market

• Brandon's DIY approach to reducing friction in the recruiting process

• Building a central recruiting function

• Pairing the human aspect with the technology aspect in recruiting

• Why it is easier to cancel on a robot

Four food's talent experience and employer brand

Brandon also discusses what has surprised him the most during his Four Food's journey and talks about their future plans and challenges.

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