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Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to a unique cross over show where The Recruiting Future Podcast and The Chad & Cheese Show collide. For those of you not familiar with Chad and Cheese, their show is an institution in the recruitment technology space billing itself as "HR's most dangerous podcast".

I finally got to meet the guys face to face in Lisbon a few weeks back and, as you'll hear, Chad hatched this plan for a podcast crossover.

This show will also be broadcast as an episode of the Chad and Cheese show with a slightly different edit. It a long and boring story but I've had to cut out the usual profanity that comes with an episode of the Chad and Cheese show due to Apple Podcasts distribution restrictions in some of the countries where my show has an audience. So with that said take a listen for a discussion round recruiting technology adoption and future of the space and if you want to hear the version with all the swearing (although there wasn't really that much) then you can check that out at afterwards

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