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Jun 18, 2019

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More and more companies are recognising the importance of building an employee experience that enables them to attract, retain and develop the talent they need. There is a lot of theoretical debate about how this should be done, but how are things actually working on a practical level.

My guest this week is Tonille Miller Global VP of Culture and People Engagement at Startek. Startek has 50,000 employees across 13 countries and in our interview, Tonille talks through some of the practicalities of creating an employee experience at that scale.

In the interview we discuss:

• What does employer experience actually mean and how do you measure it

• Creating a people experience that treats employees the same way as customers

• How to keep people engaged

• The challenge of building a culture after a significant global business merger

• Building a corporate careers site and using it to recruit passionate, purpose-driven people

• The role of technology in employee experience

Tonille also talks about her experience adapting a global strategy to work in local markets and shares her thoughts on the future of employee experience.

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