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May 11, 2019

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Regular listeners to the show will know how much I love strategic recruitment marketing that is based around effective storytelling. To me, it’s the future of talent acquisition and something every employer needs to be doing.

One company who I think does this brilliantly is Indeed, and I’m delighted to have Bryan Chaney their Director of Global Employer Branding as my guest this week. Bryan shares some brilliant insights into Indeed’s strategy and it really is a must listen for anyone working in talent acquisition.

In the interview we discuss:

• The unique recruiting challenges at Indeed

• Employer Branding versus Talent Branding

• Employer Brand strategy.

• Finding, curating and elevating stories that already exist and telling them in different ways.

• Creating an employee-generated content engine and influencer programme

• The relationship between talent acquisition and marketing

• Rebranding from talent acquisition to talent attraction

• Measuring success

• Cultural Add versus cultural fit

Bryan also shares his favourite employee story and talks about what’s next for talent acquisition and employer branding.

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