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Apr 27, 2019

The future of work remains a common discussion topic. Whenever we cover it on this show, I always like to look at things through a talent lens. In recent months I've had a series of guests from outside of the industry giving their perspective on talent and the future of work. To provide us with an insider view my guest this week is a veteran of the talent acquisition industry.

Peter Weddle is CEO of the TA Tech trade association and author of a recent book on the future called "Circa 2118 - What humans will do when the machines take over."

In the interview we discuss:

• Why there is such an unprecedented level of investment in talent acquisition technology

• The surprisingly short term impact of AI

• How we should be preparing for the future of work right now

• Eliminating tasks rather than eliminating jobs

• What should talent acquisition be focusing on

• The vital importance of building relationships

Peter also talks about the forthcoming TA Tech conference taking place in Lisbon in early May.

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