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Apr 12, 2019


Hiring, retention and development strategies for digital talent are big news at the moment as many employers are struggling to get the skills they need into their business.

Unsurprisingly Digital Transformation and its implications for talent was a big theme at the UNLEASH event held in London last month. While I was there, I was lucky enough to speak to two of the excellent speakers about their experiences of driving digital transformation and finding and developing digital talent for their organisations.

First up is Sebastian Kolberg the VP Change Management for Digital Transformation at Bayer. Sebastian shares some fascinating insights into the reality of driving digital transformation in a large and diverse organisation.

Topics discussed include:

• Bayer's Digital Transformation challenges

• The importance of a compelling story

• Digital talent strategies

• The benefits of small experiments

My second interview is with Angelika Inglsperger Group Head Talent Acquisition and Talent Management at Allianz. In our conversation, we discuss the details of some of the tactics Allianz is using to acquire and retain digital talent

Topics discussed include:

• Using Google Assistant as a recruitment marketing voice interface

• Peer to peer employer branding for digital talent

• Using problem-solving to get attention

• Solving the challenges of retaining digital talent


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