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Mar 6, 2019

Digital Transformation is something that is currently affecting every country, every industry and pretty much every company. Millions of words, countless conferences and thousands of hours of audio and video have been dedicated to it. Despite this there seems to be very little attention paid to one of its most critical elements, having the right skills and talent available within the business to survive and thrive in our digital future.

One of the best books I’ve read on Digital Transformation recently is Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin, and I’m delighted to welcome him to the show as my guest this week Tom is Head of Innovation at Zenith and the most followed marketing influencer on LinkedIn. It was brilliant to get his view on talent for digital transformation.

In the interview we discuss:

• The importance of asking good questions and listening

• What is Digital Darwinism and what should companies be doing to survive and thrive

• Why talent is so important to digital transformation and why so few companies talk about it

• Is recruiting fit for purpose?

• Why companies need to think and act differently about hiring

Tom also talks about the future of jobs and his view on where technology is taking us in the next couple of years.

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