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Feb 26, 2019

Gathering and acting on employee feedback is something that has genuinely been revolutionised by technology in the last few years.

Many companies have moved away from the annual staff survey and are continuously gathering data from their employees and building strategies based on it.

One such organisation is Celadon Trucking who have been using employee feedback to strategically address the recruiting and retention challenges that are endemic in their industry. My guest this week is the VP of Marketing at Celadon Trucking, Whitney Boyer

In the interview we discuss:

• The recruiting and retention challenges in the industry

• Why the responsibility for talent attraction sits with the marketing department

• Using employee feedback to identify why drivers are leaving and set new business practices

• Addressing unique issues via comment boxes

• Building a Retention Team

• The power of integrating SurveyMonkey and Salesforce to share feedback round the company

• Overcoming the fear of giving negative feedback

• Using positive feedback as messaging for recruitment marketing

Whitney also talks us through the results seen so far and the plans to build more sophistication into their surveys as they move forward.

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