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Feb 22, 2019

Next month I will have been working in digital recruitment marketing for 20 years, and yes that does make me feel old! Over those two decades, there has been a tremendous amount of change. Despite this though the simplest unit of recruitment advertising, the job posting, has remained stubbornly the same for most of this time.

However, things are finally changing as new technologies, and media platforms enter the market. To get us up to speed with everything that is going on, my guest this week is Richard Collins from programmatic job advertising platform ClickIQ.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why the shift in this marketing is suddenly accelerating

• What happens when job boards don't deliver

• How are Google and Facebook developing their recruitment advertising offerings

• How to make job advertising work in social media and search engines

• Converting more passive job seekers

• The role of Chatbots

• Which metrics do you optimise against?

Richard also shares the results he is seeing from implementing this approach and gives us his view on the future.

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