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Feb 6, 2019

Employee Advocacy is something I've seen used very effectively to promote employer brands and solve recruiting challenges. Despite its apparent effectiveness, it is still not a technique that is being widely used in Talent Acquisition.

So how do you use Employee Advocacy effectively and how can technology help? To help us find the answers, my guest this week is Andrew Seel, CEO of Qubist. Qubist work with a number of employers on employee advocacy for talent acquisition and Andrew has some great insights to share.

In the interview we discuss:

• What is employee advocacy and what does and employer advocacy platform do?

• What recruitment challenges can employee advocacy solve

• The vital importance of trust, transparency and personal connection

• The importance of senior stakeholder buy-in

• How do you drive consistent participation?

Andrew also talks through the work Qubist have recently done with The John Lewis Partnership and gives his view of what the future looks like for employee advocacy.

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