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Jan 16, 2019

For the first show of 2019, I want to address a topic that is critically important for everyone in talent acquisition. There has been some talk about the potential for the algorithms that power recruiting technology to introduce bias into the hiring process but not much analysis on what is actually happening.

To take a deeper dive into the subject, I'm delighted that my guest this week is Miranda Bogen from Upturn, a think tank non-profit with a mission to promote equity and justice in the design and use of digital technology. Upturn have recently published a report that explores algorithmic bias in hiring.

In the interview we discuss:

• Mapping out the predictive algorithms used at the various stage of the hiring process

• Are these recruiting technology tools a more significant risk for causing discrimination than they are a solution to it?

• Are algorithms actually making hiring decisions?

• "Effective deselection" in recruitment marketing and automated sourcing

• The problem with pattern matching

• Machine learning and employer data

• The legal implications of algorithmic recruiting

Miranda also shares her advice to both vendors and employers on what they can do to avoid automated bias.

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