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Dec 21, 2018

If you listened to the last episode, you will know that I'm ending the year by highlighting two of the areas I believe talent acquisition professionals will be focusing on in 2019. In that episode, we looked at data, in this episode I want to explore SEO.

SEO has always been prominent in digital marketing, but if we're 100% honest, it has never really been a big focus for recruitment marketing. The ongoing rollout of Google For Jobs is, however, going to provide those employers who do decide to have a focus on SEO with a significant competitive advantage.

My guest this week is Venkat Janapareddy, Founder and CEO of Jobiak, an AI-based recruitment marketing platform for Google For Jobs.

In the interview we discuss:

• What is Google For Jobs and which countries currently have access

• Why are job boards currently dominating and what is stopping employers taking full advantage of the system?

• How is Google ranking jobs and what can employers do to improve their ranking?

• What results are we seeing?

• The vital importance of detailed and well-written job copy

• Is Google For Jobs allowing employers to access a broader audience?

Venkat also gives us a summary of his top Google For Jobs tips and his predictions for what is coming in 2019

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