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Dec 14, 2018

It's that time of year when everyone is publishing their predictions for 2019. Will AI finally take over? Will Blockchain dominate? Well, the only way to really find out is to wait and see. As my contribution to the end of year prediction frenzy I'm going to dedicate the next two episodes of the show to some key areas I think Talent Acquisition professionals will be focusing on in 2019.

In this episode, I want to look at data and insights. This is a big topic that I will dive into in more details in future shows but, in the meantime, who better to give us a sense of the art of the possible than Eric Owski, Director, Product Management Talent Insights at Linkedin.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why LinkedIn waited so long to launch a Talent Insights product

• Using data to find and recruit in-demand talent

• Using data insights to measure the comparative strength of employer brands

• Use cases for talent insights and the successes forward thinking employer are already achieving.

• Using data to optimise recruitment marketing budgets and set hiring manager expectations

Eric also shares some advice on how Talent Acquisition teams can get started using data strategically, and he also shares some of LinkedIn's future plans for this area.

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