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Dec 6, 2018

The march of the new generation of recruitment technology continues unabated. 2018 has been a record year of investment in the space, and more and more employers are benefiting from the new tools and approaches. However change management, and user adoption are both critical to the success of any software implementation, and it seems slightly strange to me that there isn't more discussion and debate on these topics in our industry.

My guest this week is Lauren Addy, Director of national recruiting at Colonial Life. Colonial Life is a highly entrepreneurial organization with a decentralised model, and this was something that made their recent national ATS roll out particularly challenging. In our interview, Lauren shares some of the thinking and strategies they used round change management and user adoption to ensure it was a success.

In the interview we discuss:

• The particular talent acquisition challenges at Colonial Life and in the insurance industry in general

• How talent acquisition innovates to keep pace in such an entrepreneurial business

• Building a referral culture

• The importance of over communicating

• Designing bespoke user training

• Measuring success

• The importance of choosing the right technology partner

Lauren also shares some of the key lessons she learnt from their ATS roll out and tells us what she is looking forward to in the future

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