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Nov 23, 2018

Employer Branding continues to be a hugely popular topic for discussion in the talent acquisition industry, probably because so many employers find it difficult to do. So why should companies bother with employer branding, what impact does it actually have and how does it relate to the employee experience?

My guest this week is Toni Thompson, VP People & Talent at The Muse. Toni has some fantastic insights to share into the great work The Muse is doing on its employer brand and how this is directly impacting hiring and retention.

In the interview we discuss:

• The recruiting challenges The Muse faces

• The challenge of keeping an employer brand authentic as things change

• Using wow factors for a positive candidate experience

• What an EVP really is

• The relationship between employer brand and employee experience

• Why some employers find employer branding so difficult

• The measurable impact of employer brand on hiring and retention

Toni also talks about the role of technology and has some great advice to share on how employers can get started on strategic employer branding

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