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Nov 16, 2018

Many employers around the globe are currently experiencing some kind of skill shortage in at least certain aspects of their hiring. The competition for talent is fierce, and we are seeing increasing investment in employer branding and recruitment marketing as a result.

However, hiding in plain sight there is an untapped talent pool of people attempting to return to the workforce after a career break. People who are being overlooked because of inflexible recruiting processes, automation and unconscious and conscious bias.

My guest this week is Dominie Moss, founder of The Return Hub, a company that places senior professionals who want to restart their careers back into work.

In the interview we discuss:

• Why it can be so difficult to get back into the workforce after a career break

• Why continued human intervention in the recruiting process is needed to achieve diverse hiring

• Busting myths about returners

• Career transitioning and transferable skills

• Ensuring hiring success and inclusion

• Returnships

Dominie also shares her advice to recruiters about what they should be doing to engage with this audience and talks about the critical role senior leadership teams need to play in diversity and inclusion.

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