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Nov 9, 2018

We now live in a feedback society. Survey technology allows companies and brands ask us our opinion on their products and services and will we sometimes also offer that opinion when they haven't asked us via review sites.

So how then can companies harness this culture of feedback to improve their recruiting and their employer experience? I can think of no one better to answer this question than Becky Cantieri who is Chief People Officer at SurveyMonkey and my guest this week.

As you might expect, SurveyMonkey use employee feedback to build everything about their culture and Becky has some fascinating stories to share

In the interview we discuss:

• The people challenges SurveyMonkey face

• The critical importance of employee feedback

• Where in the employee lifecycle SurveyMonkey are collecting feedback

• When and how they act on this feedback

Becky also offer her advice to other employers on how to create a corporate culture driven by feedback and tells us what's next for SurveyMonkey

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