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Oct 20, 2018

Establishing metrics that are clear, meaningful and easy to measure has always been a problem in recruiting. Cost per hire, time to hire and quality of hire all provoke much debate about their usefulness and their ability to be effectively measured.

Recruiting software provider SmartRecruiters have recently developed a methodology for hiring success metrics that are easy to measure but also robust enough to stand up to board or executive team scrutiny. To illustrate how these metrics work in practice they applied them to improve their own recruiting efforts. My guest this week is Sarah Wilson, SmartRecruiters' Head of People, to talk us through and share learnings from that experience.

In the interview we discuss:

• The recruiting challenges at SmartRecruiters

• The importance of robust, understandable metrics

• Measuring cost

• Measuring speed

• Measuring quality

• How SmartRecruiters improved their recruiting results

Sarah also shares her advice for companies getting started with hiring success metrics and tells us what she and SmartRecruiters have planned for the future.

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