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Apr 29, 2020

My strategy over the last few weeks has been to bring you content that focuses on the current crisis as well as content that looks ahead to the future. This episode is a hybrid of both.

My guest this week is Matt Jones, Senior Vice President Operations at Cielo. In our wide-ranging...

Apr 24, 2020


Building diverse workforces via inclusive hiring is still a massive issue for many employers. But are organisations doing enough to fix the problem and what role should technology play in this?

My guest this week is Gareth Jones, CEO of Headstart. Gareth and his team are using data science...

Apr 21, 2020


One of the best business books I've read in the last few years is Dream Teams by Shane Snow. In the book, he analyses how the best teams become more than the sum of their parts, illustrating this with evidence from history, neuroscience, psychology and business. I interviewed Shane on the...

Apr 17, 2020


In talent acquisition we talk a lot about what technology can do, the problems it can solve and the benefits it can bring; however, we don't talk as much about the challenges of implementing technology, particularly at the enterprise level.

My guest this week is the one and only Alan...

Apr 15, 2020


Crisis situations tend to be significant drivers of long term change. The scale of the crisis we are all currently living through simultaneously across the globe will drive substantial long term change to the way companies think about HR and talent acquisition.

Before I introduce my guest...